NDIS update from John Della Bosca: Let's make it count

There are just seven days until Every Australian Counts Day.

There are just four days until Every Australian Counts Day.

That's four days to make sure our leaders are left in no doubt that they can't walk away from The Promise they made to implement the National Disability Insurance Scheme now and for the future.

It's time to let them know how many people support the NDIS - it's no small number.

Almost 160 000 people have signed up to support the NDIS. That's nearly 160 000 voters who have said the NDIS must happen.

Together we can make sure this isn't forgotten before polling day. Here are three easy things you can do before 6 September to help:

  1. Print out an "I Count" poster from the website and put it up in your local café, library, workplace or Church notice board.
  2. Add the NDIS election champion twibbon to your facebook profile picture.
  3. And, most importantly, find an Every Australian Counts Day event in your area and RSVP to attend one TODAY.

The more your candidates see people in the community supporting the NDIS the clearer the message will be that they can not walk away from The Promise.

If we all do this together - they will know there is no turning back.

Thanks for your support.


John Della Bosca
and the Every Australian Counts team